Webhook Failure Handling

What happens when your webhook fails?

In some cases your server can respond with a non-success (non-200 level) response.

When this happens Fera will automatically try again according to the following schedule:

Attempt #After
1 (1st try)Immediately (0 minutes)
22 minutes
34 minutes
48 minutes
516 minutes
632 minutes
7~1 hour (64 minutes)
8~ 2 hours (128 minutes)
9~4 hours (256 minutes)
10~8 hours (512 minutes)
11~ 17 hours (1024 minutes)


After the 11th attempt Fera will automatically stop trying to hit your webhook and *your webhook will be disabled.

If your webhook gets disabled automatically because Fera tried too many times, then you can always re-enable it from the interface for store webhooks or from the API for app and store webhooks.

Tracking Webhook Failures

Fera will include the following headers with it's POST request to your servers to help you know when/if a retry is going to be made:

Header NameDescriptionExample
X-Retries-Left# of retries left if the current request fails.5
X-Next-Retry-InNumber of seconds you can expect to wait before the next retry will be made if the current request fails.3600

Use the X-Retries-Left header to know how many more retries are available before your webhook gets disabled.


After each successful webhook request the retry counter is reset. That means you don't need to worry about edge cases failed webhooks as much.