Link for customer to submit review

You can pre-fill customer info into the write review modal using two main parameters.

If the customer is not logged or you don't know their order information, then Fera may ask the customer for their name/email upon submission.

You can make your link quicker for customers by pre-filling this information if you know it. The two parameters you can use are:

  • name - the customer's name
  • email - the customer's email

To pre-fill the customer name and email, simply add &name=Joe&[email protected] to your review request URL.

For example, this link will open up the write review modal and pre-set the customer's name and email so they won't have to enter it in after they submit their review:[email protected]


You only need to do this if you're not requesting reviews from Fera and not using our eCommerce platform apps. Most of the time, Fera will populate customer info automatically.