The URL API allows you to trigger certain fera.js methods right from the URL. Use this to give your customers a nice quick link to submit reviews, photos and videos to your store.

You can trigger the review, photo and video submission modal by adding ?fera=review to any URL that has fera currently installed, like this:


For example if you have a product page URL that looks like this: then you can trigger the review/photo/video submission modal with:


Looking for something even shorter? Try adding ?f=r instead to do the same thing!

Short Review Link

Every Fera account comes with a quick review link URL you can use as a shorter alternative to send customers to your store. It looks like this:

When a customer enters that URL in their browser they are redirected to your site and shown a review submission modal.

You can find your quick review link in your dashboard.


We recommend sending review requests from your Fera account to improve tracking and reduce work for you and your team.