Link for customer to review order

Order review links allow you to send review requests from any other channel (such as another email sending platform)

There are 2 parameters that you need to know in order to trigger the review submission modal and review a specific order:

  • order - the order ID (not order number)
  • customer_email - the customer's email as it appears on the order


The customer email parameter must match the order's data in order for this link to work.

Example: Order review link

The following URL will request a review of all the products in the order (and a final store review if configured at the end):[email protected]

This API is meant for custom email/messaging integrations. Sending review requests from within Fera is the best way to do it otherwise.


Obtaining Order ID within 3rd-party mail/notification platforms

Most message/email/sms/notification sending platforms that sync with your eCommerce store should have a way to grab the variable for the order ID.

The typical liquid syntax that most mail sending platforms use would be {{ }}.