Deep Links

How to add links to your HTML that trigger showing the Fera review/photo/video submission modal.

Fera.js watches the page for HTML element changes and looks for data-fera attributes. These can be used to run functions on Fera.js dynamically.

Link or button to write review

You can add data-fera-action="writeReview" to any of your links or buttons to make clicking on them show the fera review, photo or video submission modal.

<a href="#" data-fera-action="writeReview">Write Review</a>


Fera will automatically use the currently being viewed product as the product being reviewed if you're using Shopify, Wix or any other supported eCommerce platform.

If the current product is not clear or if there are multiple products on the current page, you can specify the product ID being reviewed with the data-product="**YOUR_PRODUCT_ID**" attribute.

For example, this link would open show the "Write Review" modal for the product with ID "123":

<a href="#" data-fera-action="writeReview" data-product="123">Write Review</a>