Javascript API Events

You can listen to certain events that occur on the page related to Fera using the on() method like this:

fera.on('', (submitter) => console.log("Content submission modal was just shown."));

Here's a list of different events you can listen for:

readyTriggers once Fera is ready and store settings have been loaded from the server.
widgets.showTriggers right after widgets are shown on the page.
submitter.showTriggers after the content submitter has been shown.
submitter.hideTriggers when the content submission modal is closed or hidden.
submitter.submitTriggers after the customer submits any content.
submitter.completeTriggers after a customer has completed a submission flow.

If the customer is reviewing an order with several products then this event triggers after the final product has been reviewed.


Use webhooks to listen to server-side events.

Webhooks allow you to listen to server-side events such as review creation or customer creation.