How to authenticate to the Fera Private API.

The Fera API offers two forms of authentication:

  • API Key - For merchants and consultants
  • OAuth2 - For partner apps

API Key Authentication

If you're a merchant or developer working on behalf of a merchant, then you should be using API Key authentication.

You can find your secret key in your account from here. Just include it in the Secret-Key header or secret_key query param and you should be good to go!

Learn more about API Key Authentication here.


Do not include your Private API Key on your storefront.

Your Private API Key gives access to all your store's data, including customer data. Never include it in your site's HTML, JavaScript or CSS code.

Instead, consider using the Public API.

OAuth2 Authentication - For Partner Apps

Partners can build apps that can be installed by merchants and account owners to interact with their Fera account and use an OAuth2 flow for authentication

If you're a partner, learn more about OAuth2 App Authentication here.