Introduction to the Fera Public API

The Fera Public API allows you to access a store/business's reviews and customer data from a client-side applications.

What can the Public API be used for?

Use the Public API for things such as:

  • Displaying customer reviews, photos and videos in a custom way
  • Receiving customer review, photo and video submissions

What's the difference between the Public API and Private API?

Here are the main differences between the 2 APIs:

Public APIPrivate API
Requires Public API KeyRequires Private API Key OR App Auth Token (for Partner apps)
Non-public customer details are hiddenNon-public customer details are available
Prioritizes fast responses (more caching)Prioritizes up-to-date responses (less caching)
Customers interact with it in your storefront directlyCustomers can only interact with it through a server-side application
API key visible to all your site visitorsAPI key hidden from site visitors


You can find your public API key in your account from here. Just include it in the Public-Key header or public_key query param and you should be good to go!

Learn more about API Key Authentication here.


Your public API key is safe to include on your site

Unlike the Private API key, your Public API key is safe to include in your storefront. Visitors to your site can't use it to harm your business.

Request Format

This API follows the same request format as the Private API.

Response Format

This API follows the same response format as the Private API.


Pagination is the same as it is for the Private API.

Error Responses

Error responses are the same format as they are for the Private API