An introduction to the Fera Private API

What is the Fera Private API?

The Fera Private API allows you to access a store/business's reviews and customer data from a server-side application.

What can the Private API be used for?

  • Developing custom integrations of Fera into a server-side applications
  • Integrating Fera into back-end processes
  • Building app integrations with other apps that work with customer content

What should the Private API not for?

You should not use the Private API for building client-side integrations (like custom review widgets).

Instead, use the Public API or Fera.js to build custom widgets and pull reviews, photos and videos to display on your site.


Do not include your Private API Key on your storefront.

Your Private API Key gives access to all your store's data, including customer data. Never include it in your site's HTML, JavaScript or CSS code.

Instead, consider using the Public API.