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Add widget to a nuxt SPA

hello! i've created a shopify headless ecommerce and i'd like to implement fera.ai, but every kind of implementation fails (error with API version, etc) it would be great to have some package to install and use in spas. Thanks

Problème d'affichage du widget

J’ai installé un widget pour afficher les avis clients sur mon site, et je n’arrive pas à le faire apparaitre en haut de mon site. Le widget reste bloqué tout en bas, mais ducoup ce n’est pas optimisé puisque les clients ne descendent jamais jusqu’en bas. Comment faire ?

Fera.ai and Shopify markets with multiple languages

Hi, our team is considering Fera.ai for our international store running on Shopify Plus (and Shopify Markets). Is there any posibility (even with custom coding) to achieve this? - visitors can filter/display reviews only for the specific language - by default we show all reviews in all languages but we can add the ability to translate (for example via Deepl API etc.) Thank you. Example store. [www.somavedic.eu](http://www.somavedic.eu) (multilingual/markets are in development)


Hi, i installed the app, everything works fine, except one thing- I can find out how to customize "write review" text version to a button/ text is not visible, but the button should work!

blocked by CORS when create review

Hi, I am developing the shopify front end in Next JS. When i send a create review request in my local development and in deployed version on Vercel, the request was blocked by CORS

How can i change reviews to in turkish it is english??

How can i change reviews to in turkish it is english?? i couldnt find anything to change in html codes??